Introduction to Healing & Transformation with Serpent Powers.  (19th Oct’16) 

This is a first in a series of workshops that introduce working with the new energies of 2016 and onwards, embracing change and facilitating self-transformation.

  •            Date:   Thursday 19th October 2016
  •            Venue:   The Atlantis Bookshop, 49A Museum Street, London WC1A 1LY, UK
  •            Time:   6.45pm for 7pm start   (ends 9pm)
  •            Fee:    £18   (payable in advance to secure a space.  Spaces are very limited)



Topics covered / explored (tbc):

  • Snake Goddesses
  • Wisdom
  • Kundalini energy
  • Fertility & Sexuality
  • Sacred Dance
  • Healing
  • Personal Transformation

There will be an opportunity to have contact with a real Colombian Boa (snake) during this Introductory Workshop, as well as witness an example Fusion/ belly dance with snake (performed by Melanie). Workshop will culminate with a ritual invocation of serpent Goddess, brief oracular reading (akin to Priestess of Pythia), and a small snake-skin gift for your own personal work.

           Pay £18 and book now


update on 14Oct16:    Spaces are already filling up..  Only 4 spaces remain.  Book asap if you are interested.  -Mani