Tamesa Serpent in Thames Magical Rituals

I began doing `Thames Rituals’ back in 2006, after `discovering’ that one can get down to the shores of the river on low tides. These rituals took place at the 8 seasonal times of the Pagan calendar, some full moons, and definitely at days of Solar or Lunar Eclipses.

tamesa-sepent-smI’ve been fascinated by the shape of the river Thames (sky view of it..shows it like a snake..) and had always `invoked’ the Tamesa Serpent by calling it 3- times before any ceremony.

The logo of TLC (Tamesa London Circle) is a serpent carrying the `Moon child’ – which symbolises our inner-self being carried by the great Tamesa serpent…the great mother.

tamesa-eclipse2008-2Back in 2008, members of the Tamesa ritual team created a `large snake’ on the banks of the river, Thames for a special Eclipse Ritual. We used a variety of stones, pebbles, bones, old bricks, tiles and such that were found on the shores to create this colourful physical sculpture. Following that, we did a magical ritual and then simply left the image on the shores, just as the Thames tide was coming back up. The idea was that as the tide came and washed away the magical design, it would also take into itself the `thought-form’ and energies we had laid on it, and sweep the energies to the Sea!

Recently (July) during some Isis rituals by the Thames, we `gave initial respects to the `Tamesa Serpent’ with the customary `calling’ I had devised years ago. (ie calling `Tamesa’ 3-9 times). It had always been done with trust .. before moving on to other parts of the ritual.
So imagine my surprise (and joy) when a psychic friend said she `saw’ a giant snake rolling in from the left, watch us and head off .. 🙂
Tamesa serpent is alive and well.. and perhaps one day soon, as part of the `Pythian Temple London’, we’ll do a special serpent ceremony for Tamesa..by the banks of river Thames.


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Tamesa Serpent in Thames Magical Rituals


Thames-Isis Stories


I used to do seasonal pagan rituals by the river Thames ..since 2006. There was always a niggling thought.. that one of the names for Thames ..being Tamesis was a derivative of Thames-Isis! So around the beginning of 2013, while planning a fun toy-boat sailing venture, I came across the ancient festival of `Isidias Navigatum: Blessing of the Fleet’.. Inspired, but not having a clue, I started the annual rituals of `Thames-Isis’ on 3rd March 2013. And on 17th July 2013, organised our first `Birthday of Isis’ ritual by the Cleopatra’s Needle, Embankment, London.

Why is that significant here?

Well.. that was the ritual where I first Melanie! (you can see her in the photo, in blue top & black leggings!) 🙂 I didn’t see her for 2 further years, until around about this time (October) last year 2015..and she was performing a fusion-belly dance with her familiar `Shiva’. (erm.. I come from a Hindu background, so a snake with name `Shiva’ was a bit too much to resist..and I had to brave it and meet Shiva).

And here we are..a year from then.. with `Pythian Temple London’

There is a saying that the Goddess Isis works in mysterious ways.
When I first started the Isis rituals, the very next day my personal life fell apart and left me with heart-ache and pain. I wondered if I had made a mistake starting those Thames-Isis rituals.
But faith in our Gods is something we keep, even when things don’t go well.. and I did..

With the world gone crazy..and our beloved Goddess Isis’ name being associated with some name of a terror group in middle east, I had vowed to keep the Thames-Isis rituals going..

And somehow…I feel this `Pythian Temple London’ is an evolution of that. Because…after all, we have been worshipping `Tamea the Serpent’ since 2006!! (part of TLC: Tamesa London Circle)..

Now…it evolves into `Pythia London Temple’!!!

I have a feeling that the ships we blessed in the name of Isis and sailed since 2013 are  returning .. 🙂

`Blessings of all things worth more than gold’


Drawn to Isis..?

isis-and-the-moonAre you drawn towards goddess Isis?

Isis has been associated with snakes from the very beginning of her life as a goddess. In Egypt, her images often include the snake, especially the cobra. The cobra is often depicted on the base of the crown of Isis. The sacred uraeus, which, when worn by queens, indicates their identification with the divine, is a near- constant companion. In images from the Graeco-Roman era, priestesses are depicted carrying serpents in procession. Serpents entwine around surviving altars, or rise up around the body of Osiris.

Even in ancient Egypt, the symbol of the snake indicates power, sometimes referred to as the “flame”. Many of the representations of snakes in conjunction with Isis are symbols of what we sometimes call “Kundalini” – the serpent line band of energy that connects our power centers together.

On an interesting side note, Queen Cleopatra although Greek was unlike other rulers as she had studied ancient Egyptian and was proud to be a priestess of Isis. She chose to end her end her life using a snake.


An Invitation – by Melanie

nude-snake-charmer-by-paul-trouillebertAncient Egypt served as home to one form of snake charming, though the practice as it exists today likely arose in India, eventually spreading throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Though serpents have featured prominently in humankind’s religions for centuries, the earliest evidence for snake charming comes from Ancient Egyptian sources. Charmers in Egypt mainly acted as magicians and healers.

Snakes are known for their powerful energies, which can be harnessed to facilitate change and transformation. In the years since 2012 change and transformation have held us tight within its grasp. In 2016 we see these inner changes and transformations coming to a head. As you adapt to the incoming energies a deeper awareness of your soul and its sacred reality will bring about a profound shift in your life, your purpose and your reason for being here during these significant times.

At Phythian Temple London we give YOU a personalised experience of working with snakes. Let their energies activate your kundalini. Embrace their strength and let them help you give you the strength to make the changes in your life that you are looking for.
Book a place in our taster workshop on the 19th October in the world famous Atlantis Bookshop in London. Hurry, spaces are limited!
Photo: “The Nude Snake Charmer” by Paul Trouillebert.