Thames-Isis Stories


I used to do seasonal pagan rituals by the river Thames ..since 2006. There was always a niggling thought.. that one of the names for Thames ..being Tamesis was a derivative of Thames-Isis! So around the beginning of 2013, while planning a fun toy-boat sailing venture, I came across the ancient festival of `Isidias Navigatum: Blessing of the Fleet’.. Inspired, but not having a clue, I started the annual rituals of `Thames-Isis’ on 3rd March 2013. And on 17th July 2013, organised our first `Birthday of Isis’ ritual by the Cleopatra’s Needle, Embankment, London.

Why is that significant here?

Well.. that was the ritual where I first Melanie! (you can see her in the photo, in blue top & black leggings!) đŸ™‚ I didn’t see her for 2 further years, until around about this time (October) last year 2015..and she was performing a fusion-belly dance with her familiar `Shiva’. (erm.. I come from a Hindu background, so a snake with name `Shiva’ was a bit too much to resist..and I had to brave it and meet Shiva).

And here we are..a year from then.. with `Pythian Temple London’

There is a saying that the Goddess Isis works in mysterious ways.
When I first started the Isis rituals, the very next day my personal life fell apart and left me with heart-ache and pain. I wondered if I had made a mistake starting those Thames-Isis rituals.
But faith in our Gods is something we keep, even when things don’t go well.. and I did..

With the world gone crazy..and our beloved Goddess Isis’ name being associated with some name of a terror group in middle east, I had vowed to keep the Thames-Isis rituals going..

And somehow…I feel this `Pythian Temple London’ is an evolution of that. Because…after all, we have been worshipping `Tamea the Serpent’ since 2006!! (part of TLC: Tamesa London Circle)..

Now…it evolves into `Pythia London Temple’!!!

I have a feeling that the ships we blessed in the name of Isis and sailed since 2013 are  returning ..Â đŸ™‚

`Blessings of all things worth more than gold’


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