Tamesa Serpent in Thames Magical Rituals

I began doing `Thames Rituals’ back in 2006, after `discovering’ that one can get down to the shores of the river on low tides. These rituals took place at the 8 seasonal times of the Pagan calendar, some full moons, and definitely at days of Solar or Lunar Eclipses. I’ve been fascinated by the shape … More Tamesa Serpent in Thames Magical Rituals

Thames-Isis Stories

I used to do seasonal pagan rituals by the river Thames ..since 2006. There was always a niggling thought.. that one of the names for Thames ..being Tamesis was a derivative of Thames-Isis! So around the beginning of 2013, while planning a fun toy-boat sailing venture, I came across the ancient festival of `Isidias Navigatum: … More Thames-Isis Stories

Drawn to Isis..?

Are you drawn towards goddess Isis? Isis has been associated with snakes from the very beginning of her life as a goddess. In Egypt, her images often include the snake, especially the cobra. The cobra is often depicted on the base of the crown of Isis. The sacred uraeus, which, when worn by queens, indicates … More Drawn to Isis..?

An Invitation – by Melanie

Ancient Egypt served as home to one form of snake charming, though the practice as it exists today likely arose in India, eventually spreading throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Though serpents have featured prominently in humankind’s religions for centuries, the earliest evidence for snake charming comes from Ancient Egyptian sources. Charmers … More An Invitation – by Melanie